Re: Problem with cicn-plugin compilation.

Luca Muscariello


That feature is not supported yet.
Set the flag to zero.

There hasn’t been much testing of that code during the last year as most of the development is now happening in the hicn project where we support the most recent releases of VPP.

Most of the discussions happen on the slack channel though.

to get access to it.

Hope this helps

On Thu 31 Oct 2019 at 07:28, <viper@...> wrote:
I'm stuck with cicn-plugin compilation. I'm working with Ubuntu 18.04.
I have followed successfully the steps below.
1. DPDK(18.05) installation.
2. VPP Package(17.07) installation(vpp, vpp-lib, vpp-dev, vpp-dpdk-dev, vpp-dpdk-dkms)
However, when compiling cicn-plugin(CICN_FEATURE_MULTITHREAD=1),
I am getting an error.
(The error is below:)
cicn-plugin/cicn/cicn.c: In function ‘cicn_infra_plugin_enable_disable’:
cicn-plugin/cicn/cicn.c:351:12: error: ‘handoff_dispatch_node’ undeclared (first use in this function)
Any kind of help would be appreciated.
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