Topics CSIT-18.07 v1.0 report published

Maciek Konstantynowicz (mkonstan)

Hi All, CSIT-18.07 report has been published on docs site:


Many thanks to All in CSIT and community who contributed and made
CSIT-18.07 happen!

CSIT-18.07 is the first release able to use the brand new labs and
testing servers equipped the latest Intel Xeon Skylake processors. See
point 3. below for throughput comparison between Skylake and Haswell
This is finally making VPP code shine in a modern compute world :)

The labs were long time in the making and they have finally
materialized. Thanks again to All who made it happen!

CSIT-18.07 report includes much more test results data and report html
layout got revamped quite a bit, striving to improve presentation
clarity and browsability. Test environment descriptions also got a
substantial makeover.

VPP points of note in the report:

1. VPP release notes
a. Changes in CSIT-18.07 [1]
b. Known issues [2]

2. VPP performance graphs
a. Throughput [3]
b. Speedup Multi-Core [4]
c. Latency [5]

3. VPP performance comparisons
b. VPP-18.07 vs. VPP-18.04 [6]
c. 3-Node Skylake vs. 3-Node Haswell testbed types [7]

4. VPP performance test details
a. Results [8]
b. Configuration [9]
c. Run-time telemetry [10]

DPDK Testpmd and L3fwd performance sections follow similar structure.

Functional tests, including VPP, HoneyComb, NSH_SFC and DMM are all
included in the report.

Welcome all comments, best by email to csit-dev@....

On behalf of CSIT.