Topics CSIT-18.10.w47 Weekly Maintenance Report Update

Maciek Konstantynowicz (mkonstan) CSIT-18.10.w47 weekly maintenance report has been published on docs site:


Changes from last week .w46 version:

1. Added automated wrapping of long test names in legend to graphs.
2. Updated data and time format in the header.
3. Updated report versioning.
4. Added more test runs:
a. HoneyComb Functional.
b. VPP on 3n-hsw testbed.
5. Added more Current vs. Previous release performance comparisons:
a. VPP 3n-skx:
b. VPP 2n-skx:
c. DPDK 3n-skx:
6. Added performance comparisons between testbed types:
a. VPP: 2n-skx vs. 3n-skx:
b. DPDK: 2n-skx vs. 3n-skx:
7. Added results for 2n-dnv Atom Denverton tests:
a. VPP Packet Throughput:

All per section links listed below stay unchanged. VPP points of note in the report:

1. VPP release notes
a. Changes in CSIT-18.10:
b. Known issues:

2. VPP performance graphs
a. Throughput:
b. Speedup Multi-Core:
c. Latency:

3. VPP performance comparisons
a. VPP-18.10 vs. VPP-18.07:
b. 3-Node Skylake vs. 3-Node Haswell testbeds:
c. 2-Node Skylake vs. 3-Node Skylake testbedds:

4. VPP performance test details
a. Detailed results:
b. Configuration:
c. Run-time telemetry:

DPDK Testpmd and L3fwd performance sections follow similar structure.

1. DPDK release notes:
a. Changes in CSIT-18.10:
b. Known issues:

2. DPDK performance graphs for Testpmd and L3fwd demonstrator apps
a. Throughput:
b. Latency:

3. DPDK performance comparisons
a. DPDK-18.08 vs. DPDK-18.05:

Functional tests, including VPP_Device (functional device tests),
VPP_VIRL, HoneyComb, NSH_SFC and DMM are all included in the report.

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