Frames in

Prashant Upadhyaya <praupadhyaya@...>


I am looking for some white paper or some slides which explain deeply
how the data structures related to the frames are organized in

Specifically, I need to create a mind map of the following data
structures in the code –


Then the presence of next_frames and pending_frames in
vlib_node_main_t, and the presence of next_frame_index in

Some graphical description of how the frames are organized, which one
pointing to what from the above and so forth.

This will help in critically understanding the lifecycle of a frame (I
do understand in general in terms of a plugin, but want to see the
organization slightly more deeply). I believe I can figure all this
out if I haggle enough with the code (and which I would have to do
eventually if I want to get far and have taken a pass at it), but if
someone has done this hard work and created some kind of a friendly
document around this, I would lap it up before making another pass at
the code.