Re: APIs with "subscriptions"

Rastislav Szabo -X (raszabo - PANTHEON TECHNOLOGIES@Cisco)



From what I can parse from your messages, it seems that the binapi you are trying to use is misbehaving.


Normally you can do EITHER:


-> foo_request
<- foo_reply




-> foo_dump
<- n * foo_details


The combination of both types of replies is unexpected.




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Subject: Re: [govpp-dev] APIs with "subscriptions"


Would appreciate a response to this, as currently the only way to get epoch data from the mactime plugin is via the "mactime_dump_reply" and not the "mactime_details" messages.

Rather than change the "mactime_details" message to include epoch, which is wasteful, is the pattern of:

-> foo_request
<- n * foo_details
<- foo_reply

Going to be a supported pattern in go-vpp ? 

If not, will all VPP APIs that have this pattern be supported?

At the moment I am trapping on the inevitable error that the types don't match on Recv() when I get a "foo_reply" instead of the expected "foo_details". 

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