VXlan Tunnel Issues - Question

Patricio Latini

I am having the following problem in my openstack lab with Opendaylight nitrogen and oxygen. Tried with honeycomb 18.01 and 18.04 and same problem

When I first Create a network, subnetwork and deploy a server everything works fine and the VXLAN tunnel is created fine between the compute host and network host.

Now if I destroy the server (VxLan tunnel removed as it is nor required anymore) and deploy a new one in the same network there is an error in the creation of the VXLAN tunnel (everything else works fine). The only way to resolve is completely delete the network and recreate.

Checking in the ODL logs there is a message referring that the Bridge Domain Could not be removed due to BridgeDomainManager not responding for 60 seconds. However I verified several times and connection between ODL and HC is not lost.

Has anybody experienced something similar?

Thanks, attaching full log


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