Re: HC+NSH CSIT test failures

Marek Gradzki -X (mgradzki - PANTHEON TECHNOLOGIES@Cisco) <mgradzki@...>


thanks a lot for your help!

here is hc2vpp change:

feel free to merge it when it verifies.

And here is CSIT part:

will run the tests in Jenkins after 12846 is merged.


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Subject: RE: HC+NSH CSIT test failures

Hi Marek,

I have created NSH_SFC 18.07-rc0,
and also fixed some issues caused by VPP's code change.
These changes have been merged into NSH_SFC 18.04 and NSH_SFC 18.07-rc0.

Please help to verify it. Thanks a lot!


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Subject: HC+NSH CSIT test failures

Hello NSH SFC developers,

it looks like we have again issues with NSH plugin crashing VPP [1].
HC NSH tests were disabled [2] which fixed hc2vpp CSIT jobs.
I also reopened CSIT-994 [3].



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