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Currently IPSEC is not implemented in HC2VPP. However there is a task for implementing it ( Assignment of this task is currently in progress (it is planned for next release cycle which begins in November). It will implement model described in I think that this should be implemented in following weeks, you can recheck later or follow the task in Jira.


You can verify the model and if something is missing you can add comments to HC2VPP-87 task in our Jira.


NOTE: If you want to start developing for HC2VPP you can find developer instructions and samples here:





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Subject: [hc2vpp] About YANG data model in hc2vpp


Hello Everyone:


I have a question about YANG data model in HC2VPP project.

According to the HC2VPP project scope, there are some YANG data model files in HC2VPP code base.

such as






Can anyone tell me why there is no IPSEC/IKE related data model file(s) exist?

From the following page, we could tell IPSEC/IKE is absent from YANG data model.


If absent, can you tell me where can I get a simple guidance for YANG data model addition and translation layer customization?

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