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Michal Cmarada <mcmarada@...>



Maybe there are some differences in java code and the original tutorial, I will take a look and fix it if needed.


As of other questions, here are my comments:


2.1 – in this part it is needed to modify the yang model according to your needs, example shows simple VXLAN model, but later you will need to replace it with your desired model (based on function you want to configure in vpp)

If the model is ok (can be validated with pyang -, then you need to build the api exactly as you stated (there might be other issues you need to address if build fails (e.g. Naming problems (not all names are acceptable for java class names))).

If the build is ok you continue with the implementation.


2.2 – it says that you need to add dependency for JVPP from VPP in pom.xml file in sample-impl. Example shows how to add jvpp-core, which contains most of api calls for VPP, but some plugins require more (jvpp-nat, jvpp-acl …)


2.3 – Probably CrudService is no longer there or was created with different tutorial, it should be ok to ignore this (I will check the documentation and fix if necessary)


2.3.1 – yes the code reflects yang model, only if you change something in yang model you need to update customizers. Can be skipped if no changes were made. After that you need to build the implementation and aggregator as you stated (samples-impl and samples)


3. – the vpp-integration is from HC2VPP code base, Maybe the naming is left from times when there was only one project (honeycomb), it was then split into two (honeycomb - which is core, and HC2VPP – which is honeycomb for VPP). The documentation was copied from original Honeycomb (again I will check it and fix).

Here you need to update hc2vpp/vpp-integration/minimal-distribution/pom.xml and add sample module to <distribution.modules> (add line io.fd.hc2vpp.samples.Module,). You also need to update dependencies and include sample-plugin-impl there.

Afterwards you need to build hc2vpp project and if the build is successful the distribution should be built in hc2vpp/vpp-integration/minimal-distribution/target/vpp-integration-distribution- and you can start honeycomb with provided executables



As for the bug it seems you have specified wrong version of sample module (should be 18.07.01-SNAPSHOT). Currently stable 1807 points to 18.07.01-SNAPSHOT. It is necessary to have it specified correctly in vpp-integration-distribution pom.xml file. Usually it is best to use variable for version reference:





Also please check if groupId is the same in samples-api, samples-impl and samples pom.xml files. it should be <groupId>io.fd.hc2vpp.samples</groupId>, also check the dependencies (wrong groupid may cause different order of build and different location of artifacts built in local .m2 repository). Last think to check are package names and module definition in hc2vpp/vpp-integration/minimal-distribution/pom.xml -> <distribution.modules>. The package should be the same (io.fd.hc2vpp.samples.*) in all classes.

You can also check if the artifacts appear in your local .m2 repository after you build sample-api, sample-impl and sample. By default it is located here: ~/.m2/repository/io/fd/hc2vpp/samples

If all of this match you should be able to build hc2vpp project and find your distribution in path specified in step 3.



If you want to build rpm or debian packages check scripts in hc2vpp/packaging. After successful build you should be able to create a package using hc2vpp/packaging/deb/xenial/ or hc2vpp/packaging/rpm/


Thanks for the feedback and feel free to let me know if you experience other problems.







Michal Cmarada

Engineer - Software







Cisco Systems, Inc.





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From: hc2vpp@... <hc2vpp@...> On Behalf Of tianye
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2018 12:55 PM
To: hc2vpp@...
Subject: [hc2vpp] Developing plugins for VPP


Hello Everyone:


When I followed the instruction in this page, I met some problem.

I want to enable and test the “samples” plugin under the hc2vpp root directory.

My hc2vpp code base is stable/1807 branch.

In 2.1. Updating YANG models of this page, it said:

Now rebuild the *-api module.  à My understanding is to run “mvn clean install -DskipTests -Dcheckstyle.skip -Dmaven.javadoc.skip=true -Djacoco.skip” under the hc2vpp/samples/samples-api dir.

The build result is ok.

Then as “2.2. JVpp dependency” mentioned, modify those xml files.

Then “2.3. Updating the customizers” told me to “First of all, remove CrudService interface and ElementCrudService class”, but actually I can’t find “CrudService and ElementCrudService class” in hc2vpp/samples/samples-api or samples-impl dir, did it matter?

Then as “2.3.1. Changes to ElementStateCustomizer” said, modify the java code. Actually the code in stable/1807 already did the same thing. So skip this step.

Then at the last of this section, I notice this:“Now it’s time to rebuild the plugin using mvn clean install to make the jars available for integrating them with vpp-integration distribution in next sections”

I ran “mvn clean install” under both hc2vpp/samples/samples-impl and hc2vpp/samples, the result is ok.

Then “3. Integrating with vpp-integration distribution” mentioned: “add a dependency for this sample plugin in vpp-integration distribution (honeycomb/vpp-integration/minimal-distribution/pom.xml”

But, in honeycomb code base, I can not find the sub dir “vpp-integration”? (Instead, under hc2vpp, there is a sub dir “vpp-integration”)

And this section also mention “Modify vpp-integration-distribution pom.xml property <distribution.modules>”, Which is the so called “vpp-integration-distribution pom.xml”?

At last, this page said: “Now just rebuild the honeycomb project.”, rebuild honeycomb ? hc2vpp?

Besides, I modified the hc2vpp/vpp-integration/pom.xml as “3. Integrating with vpp-integration distribution”  and ““Modify vpp-integration-distribution pom.xml property <distribution.modules>” said,

when I tried to build hc2vpp, the result was fail. I also attached the build log.

Too much confusion…..

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