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FOSDEM is a great conference. The SDN devroom has had interesting talks and pulled together a good group of folks to past several years. It would be great to have submissions related to OpenDaylight in response to this CFP.


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Subject: FOSDEM 2019 Software Defined Networking Devroom CFP

We are pleased to announce the Call for Participation for the FOSDEM
2019 Software Defined Networking devroom!

We are now inviting proposals for talks about Open Source Software on
the topic of Software Defined Networking. This is an exciting and
growing field, and FOSDEM gives an opportunity to reach a unique
audience of very knowledgeable and highly technical, free and open
source software activists.


This year the DevRoom topics will include the following Software Defined
Networking fields.

- Infrastructure: virtual switches & routers, routing daemons, firewall,
security, etc.
- Virtual Network Functions: open source network functions, user-space
networking stacks, kernel-space networking innovations.
- Tooling: Networking SDK's, libraries, frameworks, debuggers, counters
& statistics, domain specific languages & extensions, etc.
- Validation: Testing tools & frameworks, traffic generators etc
- Orchestration: NFV management, ML2 plugins, CNI plugins, SDN
Controllers, etc.

This year, the DevRoom will focus on low-level networking and high
performance packet processing, network automation of containers, virtual
machines and private cloud, and the management of networking
applications to maintain very high availability and performance
independent of whatever the world can throw at their infrastructure
(datacenter outages, fires, broken servers, you name it).

The deadline for submissions is November 25th, 2018. FOSDEM will be held
on the weekend of February 2-3, 2019 and the Software Defined Networking
DevRoom will take place on Saturday, February 2, 2019.

See http://mdr78.github.io/fosdem/2018/10/15/fosdem-2019-cfp.html for
how for more information, including how to submit a proposal.

As you know FOSDEM has zero marketing budget, we would be grateful if
you could help spread the word, by forwarding this email to interested
people and mailing lists.

- The FOSDEM 2019 Software Defined Networking Devroom Team

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