Published: CSIT-18.10 Open-Source Benchmarking Report

Maciek Konstantynowicz (mkonstan) <mkonstan@...>

Hi All, CSIT-18.10.W45 report has been published on docs site:


Many thanks to All in CSIT and community who contributed, worked
very hard to make CSIT-18.10 happen!

CSIT-18.10 is not the First release able using latest Intel Xeon Skylake
processors. But it is the first release to present them in all of their
I/O optimized glory. See point Three below for throughput comparison
between Skylake and Haswell testbeds. This is finally, for the Second
time making VPP code shine in a modern software data world :)

Note that CSIT reports are now versioned using a notation for
ordinal weeks of the year specified in ISO 8601 (
All CSIT releases will be suffixed with '.Www', a week number in
the format ww prefixed by the letter 'W'.
This takes care even of leap second by accommodating leap week. :) VPP points of note in the report:

1. VPP release notes
a. Changes in CSIT-18.10:
b. Known issues:

2. VPP performance graphs
a. Throughput:
b. Speedup Multi-Core:
c. Latency:

3. VPP performance comparisons
a. VPP-18.10 vs. VPP-18.04:
b. 3-Node Skylake vs. 3-Node Haswell testbeds:

4. VPP performance test details
a. Detailed results:
b. Configuration:
c. Run-time telemetry:

DPDK Testpmd and L3fwd performance sections follow similar structure.

1. DPDK release notes:
a. Changes in CSIT-18.10:
b. Known issues:

2. DPDK performance graphs for Testpmd and L3fwd demonstrator apps
a. Throughput:
b. Latency:

Functional tests, including VPP_Device (functional device tests),
VPP_VIRL, HoneyComb, NSH_SFC and DMM are all included in the report.

Welcome all comments, best by email to csit-dev@....

On behalf of CSIT Open-Source Benchmarking Project.

P.S. CSIT-18.10 report includes Ever More benchmarking data, more graphs
(744 on the last count) that are now more orderly and more beautifully
presented than Ever. Report HTML and PDF layouts got revamped more than
a bit, striving to improve presentation clarity and browsability. And
equally portability and consumability got improved. We are aiming the CSIT Open-Source Benchmarking reports to be consumable by
everyone. And by everyone we mean Everyone. Those who code it, those who
test it, those who use it, those who want to use it but are afraid to
touch it. Everyone who likes it.

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