Re: Using RESTCONF to list bridge


On Wed, Jan 9, 2019 at 8:57 PM Michal Cmarada -X (mcmarada - PANTHEON
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In previous case if you created a bridge-domain outside of HC
Ah, that was some thing I didn't know.

Usually it is best if you will have clean VPP before starting honeycomb and afterwards use only honeycomb to configure it.
Will do.

To actually read the operational state from the vpp you need to access the operational data store:
To read the configuration (HC configuration for VPP) you need to use configuration data store:
For some models you can see the difference also in the container name which will contain the "-state" suffix (bridge-domains-state), but this is not applicable globally for all models.

Next, on to policing and ACL. Will come back if there are any difficulty.

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