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Michal Cmarada <mcmarada@...>

Hi Raj,

You should be able to delete it using restconf by calling DELETE instead of PUT on:
If I remember correctly there is a condition and you cannot remove ACL if it is assigned to interface. Therefore you need to remove the assignment first.
And after that DELETE acl:

This behavior is same for all configuration if you add something using PUT you should be able to delete it using DELETE call (in opposite order, or by deleting parent). In some special cases this can be different and some configuration is preserved (e.g. to preserve mappings or other dependencies.)


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Hello all,

Using the postman collections I was able to create an ACL and attach it to local0 interface.

Create ACL is by using PUT request to

Assign ACL is by

Now, how can I remove these two entries? Is there any general rule applicable that I can use elsewhere also to remove entries? I searched for documentation but could find only the release notes with the yang schema and postman collections.

Thanks and Regards,


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