Edit RPC returns RPC-OK but commit fails for SRv6 policy configuration

Chinmaya Aggarwal

  Our use case involves VPP SRv6 policy configuration using hc2vpp. I have installed hc2vpp (v19.04) on my local machine and using the hc2vpp yang files for SRv6 (path : hc2vpp/srv6/srv6-api/src/main/yang/), I have created a sample configuration XML (attached Sample_SRV6_Policy_Configuration.xml) that configures SRv6 policy and steering policy. Connection to hc2vpp from CLI SSh client is made by executing the command "ssh admin@localhost -p 2831 -s netconf". After that we sent a hello rpc and then we sent the edit-config rpc (attached RPC file Srv6_Policy_Config.xml). Edit-config RPC returns RPC-OK (attached edit_rpc_ok_rply). But when i execute commit rpc (attached commit.xml), it returns an error rpc (attached commit_error_rpc_rply). Also, hcvpp_error_logs_for_commit_rpc.txt contains exception seen in hc2vpp console after executing commit rpc.
Kindly suggest what is going wrong here.

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