[honeycomb-dev] Documentation for Manually Building Honeycomb/hc2vpp

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The documentation you used is a bit outdated. Honeycomb does not depend on vpp anymore – is generic framework for providing netconf/restconf support.

What you need is hc2vpp (honeycomb dependencies will be downloaded automatically):




Build is simply


mvn clean install


before you currently need to install jvpp jars to local maven repo.


Then running:


sudo ./vpp-integration-distribution-1.17.04-SNAPSHOT/honeycomb


And testing:




Regarding the check you want to perform:

1)      You could use Java api directly without hc2vpp. There are some examples in vpp-api/java/.. (e.g. jvpp-core/…/CallbackApiTest)

2)      Not sure if api_main.c is used by Java (at least not directly)





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I working on a coverity warning in vpp/api/api_main.c and I need some code to get exercised. VAT won't work because it has it's own src/vat/main.c. I thought I would fire up Honeycomb to see if it's API requests went through vpp/api/api_main.c. I am struggling to get Honeycomb up and running.


I am trying to manually build the latest Honeycomb and VPP.

I can't find any instructions on how to build or install hc2vpp. Is there a Wiki or Release Note documentation? I built it using 'mvn clean install' but not sure if that is correct or where to proceed from here to install it. I don't know Java so it may be something simple that everyone knows how to do.



Billy McFall