[vpp-dev] vpp-merge-master-{os} Jenkins Jobs are failing

Marek Gradzki -X (mgradzki - PANTHEON TECHNOLOGIES@Cisco) <mgradzki@...>

Dear all,


after quick look at the logs,

it looks like the issue is caused by vpp-dpdk-dev-17.02-vpp1_amd64.pom deploy failure.


As a consequence hc2vpp integration jobs are not triggered, which causes honeycomb packages

being out of synch much more often.


The issue was also reported by our team as #37115 some time ago...





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Subject: [vpp-dev] vpp-merge-master-{os} Jenkins Jobs are failing


Dear Helpdesk@...,

All of the vpp-merge-master-{os} jobs have been returning 'failure' for the past 8 days:

This is causing the downstream vpp-docs-merge-master and vpp-make-test-docs-merge-master to NOT be scheduled.

Why are the docs merge jobs triggered off of the successful completion of 'vpp-merge-master-ubuntu1404' instead of being triggered by 'gerrit-trigger-patch-merged' and run in parallel with the other merge jobs? 

Also, why are the docs merge jobs being triggered off of the vpp ubuntu1404 merge job when the os-parameter is being set to 'ubuntu1604'?