FD.io CSIT rls1801 report published

Maciek Konstantynowicz (mkonstan) <mkonstan@...>

Dear FD.io community,

The CSIT rls1801 report is now published on FD.io docs site:

Many Thanks to All CSIT Contributors and Committers that made CSIT rls1801
happen !

Many Thanks also to Everyone who collaborated with CSIT project including
VPP of course, HoneyComb, goVPP, TRex and other FD.io sub-projects.

Linked report includes results of i) VPP performance and functional
tests for VPP v18.01.1, ii) Testpmd performance tests for DPDK v17.11,
iii) Honeycomb functional tests and iv) reference to VPP unit tests.

Points of note in rls1801 report:

    - CSIT infrastructure changes and added tests for VPP and HoneyComb:

    - Measured VPP performance changes vs. rls1710 - now reported for ALL
      CSIT performance tests:

    - Performance graphs - packet throughput, throughput speedup multi-core
      and latency for VPP and DPDK-Testpmd:

   - VPP configurations used per test case:

   - VPP operational data - "show runtime” outputs at NDR rate with CPU core
     clock cycles spent per worker node per packet:

    - CSIT Framework - updated Presentation and Analytics Layer to enable
      continuous performance regression tracking:

We hope you find this report useful and applicable.
Please send your feedback and comments by email to csit-dev@....

On behalf of FD.io CSIT project.