Happy Solstice and holidays!

David Ward (wardd) <wardd@...>

All -

Given the holiday today, I’ll wax a bit on the accomplishments of fd.io over the last 12 months.  February 11, 2016, fd.io launched.  It's purpose was to build the software dataplane for the next Internet architectural constructs.  Something so high performance, scalable, and flexible that it could not only meet the unmet needs of today, but the unknown needs of the future.
In the brief time since its birth, the fd.io community has grown to 13 subprojects with over 130 contributors from over 30 different organizations.   Across the fd.io community, over 4600 commits have occurred since launch, leading to two (soon to be three) successful releases.
The community has held two trainings and two minisummits on two different continents.  fd.io has developed an ecosystem of interest from OpNFV, to ODL to Calico, with real integrations backing up those interests.
Everyday fd.io supports valuable new features and everyday its performance and scale improves.
fd.io is succeeding beyond the grandest imagination of its founding.  Its' succeeding because of the blood, sweet and tears all of you in the fd.iocommunity have put in and continue to put into it.  The mental effort, programming prowess, code style coming from late nights, weekends, travel, and the stress.  But also the brilliance, the creativity, the resolve, and the passion.  Its succeeding because because of you.

-DWard (Chairman of fd.io board)