Query in honeycomb project


Hi All,


I am new to honeycomb project. I went through the wiki of honeycomb. I had few queries after going through the wiki.


1.      Is the VPP app + management/honeycomb agent is restricted to only servers or Can it be ported to any “Linux + Intel” based physical switch?



The switch will not have DPDK support. In the absence of DPDK, will there be any performance impact (w.r.t packet handling) of using VPP in a physical switch?


VPP Using ODL Honeycomb as a Data Plane Management Agent



2.      Is the Honeycomb agent capable of sending data/messages to ODL?

a.      If some interface down event needs to be sent to ODL controller. Can it be achieved as of now?



3.      Is there any monitoring support implemented in honeycomb agent for VPP ?

a.      I could see CLI’s in VPP module to get the interface counters details.






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