Re: [discuss] vpp project v16.09 release branch created, v16.09-rc1 tag applied

Keith Burns <alagalah@...>

Please see "new" and "improved" :-P page for binary download:

Simpler, and yes we tested. 

Also note our repos are:
Honeycombers, please see

Many thanks to:
- Ed Warnicke
- Dave Barach
- Dave Wallace
- CJ Collier, Vanessa Valderrama and Trishan de Lanerolle (LF)

The next release manager has less kinks to work out now :-P

On Wed, Aug 17, 2016 at 6:45 PM Dave Barach (dbarach) <dbarach@...> wrote:



I’m pleased to announce that we just created the v16.09 release branch, and applied the v16.09-rc1 tag.


We hit the RC1 milestone precisely: +0 days.


Thanks to the entire community for working to make it happen, and a special thank-you to Keith Burns, our v16.09 release manager.


Please feel free to pull the stable/1609 branch and test, test, test...


Thanks… Dave


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