Re: [OpenDaylight Discuss] Minisummit at ODL Summit: CFP

Yang, Yi Y

I’ll attend ODL summit 2016, I prepared a service function chain demo by using VPP as SFF, but because Honeycomb and VPP are not ready for ODL SFC integration, so everything is controlled by command lines, I’m not sure if this talk is welcomed J, maybe ODL sfc integration can be done, but this highly depends on Honeycomb and VPP progress.


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Subject: [OpenDaylight Discuss] Minisummit at ODL Summit: CFP


Monday Sept 26 in Seattle at the OpenDaylight Summit we will be holding a Minisummit.


This is a call for presentations to the community for the Minisummit.


Please respond to this email with your proposals for presentations.


Audience:  OpenDaylight is a network controller project.  So you an expect the audience to be interested in what can do for them as a dataplane, and how can integration with control plane systems like (but not limited to) controllers.



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