Honeycomb minimal distribution

Maros Marsalek -X (mmarsale - PANTHEON TECHNOLOGIES@Cisco)

Hi all,


We managed to replace HC distribution from the bloated karaf based one to a much smaller “minimal” distribution.

It is not based on OSGi/karaf nor does it use ODL’s config subsystem.

The size on disk was reduced from 100+ Mb to around 30Mb.

All the features stay the same.

The distribution is now available in nexus:

-        https://nexus.fd.io/#nexus-search;quick~vpp-integration-distribution

-        Unzip and start the sh script “honeycomb” as sudo

As well as in the RPMs we produce:

-        Updating package to version 1.0.0-1032.noarch will provide you with the minimal distribution. Service start stop behaves the same and also the placement in /opt/honeycomb is the same


Current configuration for the distribution can be found at /opt/honeycomb/config/honeycomb.json and default configuration looks like this now:





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