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Thomas F Herbert

A few comments here:

I think there should be a yearly summit perhaps about January or February or Match about the time of the anniversary from the project launch.

On 08/19/2016 03:01 PM, Keith Burns wrote:

Do we have any plans for a wide Design Summit any time soon?

I think we need one to promote cross-project communication and co-ordination.

I know there is an " day" at the OpenDaylight Summit in Sep, but
September is too far in the future? Perhaps you mean not far enough in the future?

a) that's too far into the future
b) not everyone can secure travel budget

Before we ask people to spend money on travel, and the LF to organise a venue, could we experiment with

This allows you to have Break Out rooms for individual topics.

Nothing we do is going to be globally time-zone perfect ( ) but at least this way we can do a cheap experiment with getting everyone together.

- generate a list of topics
- let people vote with putting their name against their "3" favourite topics
- most popular topics get their own break out rooms
- report back 

I'd appreciate you considering organising such an event, and I'd be curious to hear if others in the community agree.

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