Re: [csit-dev] Design Summit

Keith Burns <alagalah@...>

September is too far in the future? Perhaps you mean not far enough in the future?

I thought it would be good, as do others apparently, that all the projects sync up at least from a development standpoint. I think its fair to say that quite a bit revolves around VPP's release schedule at this stage, hence before we get too far down the road on planning and execution on VPP's next release, we get together as a broader development community on aligning goals, features etc.

Hence Sep to me is a bit too long to wait to do that. Its more a "Are we all on the same page? Summit" but that doesn't fit nicely on a T-Shirt :-P

I suggested WebEx training Centre as it can be done virtually with multiple breakout rooms, so we can at least kick off the conversation.

I'd recommend others comment on whether they think this is something we should be asking the TSC to organise.

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