Does it means that the gerrit server does not support maven, or anything else?

Ni, Hongjun

Hi all,


In order to support JVPP plugin, NSH_SFC/java/ introduces ‘mvn clean process-classes’ and ‘mvn package’ commands within


It could build successfully locally.   But when the patch is submitted to gerrit, it failed to build.


The output indicates as follows:

Does it means that the gerrit server does not support maven, or anything else wrong?


        dir=`pwd`;                                           \

        mkdir -p jvpp/src/main/java/io/fd/nsh_sfc/jvpp;              \

        cd jvpp/src/main/java/io/fd/nsh_sfc/jvpp;                    \

        mkdir -p dto future callfacade callback notification test;   \ -i ${dir}/ --plugin_name nsh --control_ping_class NshControlPing;            \

        cd -;                                                 \

        mv jvpp/src/main/java/io/fd/nsh_sfc/jvpp/jvpp_nsh_gen.h jvpp/jvpp_nsh_gen.h;                                                 \

        cp ../../java/pom.xml jvpp/;                          \

        cp ../../java/jvpp/test/*.java jvpp/src/main/java/io/fd/nsh_sfc/jvpp/test/;                         \

        cd jvpp;                              \

        mvn clean process-classes;

args.inputfile /w/workspace/nsh_sfc-verify-master-ubuntu1404/nsh-plugin/build/java/

importdir /w/workspace/nsh_sfc-verify-master-ubuntu1404/nsh-plugin/build/java

inputfile defs_nsh_sfc_papi

plugin_name nsh

control_ping_class NshControlPing

Generating DTOs

Generating JVpp

Generating Callback interfaces

Generating Notification interfaces and implementation

Generating jvpp C

Generating JVpp future facade

Generating JVpp callback facade


/bin/sh: line 10: mvn: command not found

make[2]: *** [jvpp/org_openvpp_jvpp_nsh_JVppNshImpl.h] Error 127

make[2]: Leaving directory `/w/workspace/nsh_sfc-verify-master-ubuntu1404/nsh-plugin/build/java'

make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

make[1]: Leaving directory `/w/workspace/nsh_sfc-verify-master-ubuntu1404/nsh-plugin/build'

make: *** [all] Error 2

make  install-recursive


Thanks a lot,


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