Re: [ Helpdesk #28815] Honeycomb jobs timing out

Maros Marsalek -X (mmarsale - PANTHEON TECHNOLOGIES@Cisco)

Thank you,

The build jobs for honeycomb now work fine.

At the moment of writing this, I can see a couple stuck jobs from vpp and csit that might need manual kill.

+ 2 machines seem to be down/offline:


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Subject: [ Helpdesk #28815] Honeycomb jobs timing out

This may be related to a network issue. We have a ticket open with Vexxhost to look into this issue.


On Tue Aug 30 09:52:18 2016, mmarsale@... wrote:

Today, all jobs triggered by Honeycomb project seem to get stuck and
eventually fail.
This happens when the job is pushing artifacts into nexus e.g.

The jobs take quite a long time, blocking infrastructure resources,
but more importantly, this prevents us from verifying/merging and
releasing the code.

Could you please take a look ?


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