VPP App for ODL

Zhou, Danny


I am working on ODL as well as DPDK/OVS focusing on NSH-based SFC vertical solution, and I am trying
to use VPP (even though it does not support VxLAN-GPE-NSH yet) as NSH-aware VNFs with the capability
to report VNF statistics to ODL via NETCONF/Yang for enabling better scheduling algorithms in ODL' SFC project.

The honeycomb agent looks quite fit as a control plane agent and the demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vs1XzOOpaCo&feature=youtu.be
looks great. In order to replicate the setup, where can I download the VPP App for ODL or relevant document? I suppose it uses
NETCONF SB plugin in ODL to interface with honeycomb, right?


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