VPP App for ODL

Zhou, Danny

Thanks Ed for the information. Moving the controller App piece to ODL and Fd.io just keep the agent piece makes perfect sense to me.


BTW, the VPP already includes  both VxLAN-GPE-NSH  (though this feature is not listed in Fd.io deck) and GRE-NSH, so VPP can act as NSH-aware VNFs being easily controlled by ODL to decap/encap NSH traffics, as long as we define proper actions in Yang and implement those actions in the ODL App, Honeycomb agent piece to invoke relevant functions in VPP.  Will be adding this feature once app piece is added. The VxLAN-GPE/GRE and NSH push/pop are tightly coupled in VPP though, but it does not matter when VPP acts as VNFs instead of SFF.


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You can find the controller app here:



But hopefully the controller app piece (but not the honeycomb agent piece) will be moving to OpenDaylight as a new project:






On Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 4:25 PM, Zhou, Danny <danny.zhou@...> wrote:


I am working on ODL as well as DPDK/OVS focusing on NSH-based SFC vertical solution, and I am trying
to use VPP (even though it does not support VxLAN-GPE-NSH yet) as NSH-aware VNFs with the capability
to report VNF statistics to ODL via NETCONF/Yang for enabling better scheduling algorithms in ODL' SFC project.

The honeycomb agent looks quite fit as a control plane agent and the demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vs1XzOOpaCo&feature=youtu.be
looks great. In order to replicate the setup, where can I download the VPP App for ODL or relevant document? I suppose it uses
NETCONF SB plugin in ODL to interface with honeycomb, right?



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