[discuss] Published: FD.io CSIT-1904 Benchmarking Report

Dave Wallace

Congratulations Maciek & the CSIT team as well as the greater FD.io communities.

Well done!

On 5/10/2019 1:46 PM, Maciek Konstantynowicz (mkonstan) via Lists.Fd.Io wrote:

Hi All,

FD.io CSIT-1904 report has been published on FD.io docs site:

html: https://docs.fd.io/csit/rls1904/report/
pdf: https://docs.fd.io/csit/rls1904/report/_static/archive/csit_rls1904.pdf

Many thanks to All in CSIT, VPP and FD.io community who contributed and
worked hard to make CSIT-1904 happen!

FD.io VPP points of note in the report:

1. VPP release notes
   a. Changes in CSIT-1904: http://bit.ly/309V2oJ
   b. Known issues: http://bit.ly/2Q2K5AM

2. VPP performance graphs
   a. Throughput 64B frames: http://bit.ly/2VrdASG
   b. Speedup Multi-Core: http://bit.ly/2LAhjbS
   c. Latency: http://bit.ly/307AQUl

3. VPP performance comparisons
   a. VPP-19.04 vs. VPP-19.01: http://bit.ly/30ci12w
   b. Xeon Skylake vs. Xeon Haswell: http://bit.ly/2PWhLzT

4. VPP performance test details
   a. Detailed results 64B IMIX 1518B 9kB: http://bit.ly/2JuTjV3
   b. Configuration: http://bit.ly/2E4tvvA

DPDK Testpmd and L3fwd performance sections follow similar structure.

1. DPDK release notes:
  a. Changes in CSIT-1904: http://bit.ly/2VrOSBK
  b. Known issues: http://bit.ly/2VuO3ry

2. DPDK performance graphs for Testpmd and L3fwd demonstrator apps
  a. Throughput 64B frames: http://bit.ly/2Lxwa72
  b. Latency: http://bit.ly/2DZoKmO

Functional tests, including VPP_Device (functional device tests),
VPP_VIRL and HoneyComb are all included in the report.

Welcome all Comments, best by email to csit-dev@....

On behalf of FD.io CSIT Project

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