Locked Community management of main fd.io website

Edward Warnicke

In todays FD.io TSC meeting, the TSC voted to take steps to allow the FD.io community to manage the main fd.io website.

As part of the discussion, John DeNisco showed off a Github+Hugo+Netlify version of the fd.io site, which you can see here:

It is driven by PRs to a github repo.  The repo for the above demo is:

https://github.com/jadenisco/fdiomain if you want to take a look at how it works.

We will be moving this to fdio/site in Github as part of this process.

Anyone can push a PR to alter the website (example).  The PRs generate preview site that can be examined prior to merge.  Deployment of merged content to the main site is automatic.

The other thing the TSC decided today was to ask the PTL of each project to propose 1-2 representatives to get access to review site changes in Github and have access to the Netlify org.

So PTLs, please respond to this email indicating your nominees for those roles.  Please cc them so I have emails to use to invite them to various things.  Bonus points if you can include their Github ids :)

In particular there is a place for each project to list content about themselves here:

There are some mockups for vpp and CSIT, we would like all active projects to provide content.

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