[FD.io Helpdesk #21692] AutoReply: How to tag "bugs" in patches

Keith Burns <alagalah@...>

Sorry for the spray... but wanted to be sure I caught everyone since this applies to all projects, and not sure everyone is on discuss@

As per below, in the OpenDaylight project, when I put the following in my commit message:

"Bug 1234: fixed npe for some sort of bug" 

"Bug 1234" actually links automagically to the URL for the Bugzilla bug for #1234.

Once I find out from the HelpDesk what the equivalent is for JIRA, I'll post out.

BTW, its trivially easy to make a bug in JIRA compared to Bugzilla.


I'll post something anyways with screen captures later this week.

Thanks and apologies for the blast, but its important, especially with vpp (proposed) F0 coming up 4/22

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With JIRA, how do I tag a patch in the commit msg so that it links to a
JIRA bug?

In ODL / bugzilla if I do Bug 1234: It puts a link to the bugzilla bug#