VPP with forthcoming DPDK IPsec inline HW support

Kjeld Mortensen


The project proposal for odp4vpp has in earlier revisions discussed inline accelerators, e.g., IPsec inline HW acceleration:
   [tsc] [odp4vpp] project proposal

The above message suggested that "inline accelerators" should be defined in a separate project.
Has this happened yet? I cannot find anything directly in the Project Proposal category:

VPP has included IPsec acceleration since FD.io release 17.04, but it seems to be included via DPDK cryptodev which is a lookaside accelerator.

The DPDK developer forum is currently discussing a SW architecture (and source code proposals) for IPsec inline HW acceleration. ODP discusses this as well, and so I guess that it can potentially end up in this forum.

Does anybody know if inline acceleration has been discussed in more detail within VPP, including support for IPsec inline HW acceleration?



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