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That's great feedback... I didn't just wake up and decide I was the arbiter of good taste... I did discuss this with a few people first and ran my proposal by them for thumbs up/down.

My only ask then is that we give back to the community by allowing the Blood Bank to place drip trays at audience members feet ... :-P

... and with that, I shan't make any more jokes. 

If the general consensus is that what we have is perfectly fine, all good.

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Respectfully, the look/feel of was laid out some time ago around the project’s inception and some subsequent meetings.  There is a small marketing sub-committee of people who worked on it with some help form the LF’s marketing folks.


If there’s consensus that the current presentation template isn’t working or doesn’t represent the project well then let’s let that team work on improving it.

Omar was the Cisco rep, though I don’t know if he still is (or if no, who is today.)

John DiGiglio is the Intel rep (Ray was covering while John was out.)

I don’t know who else is involved, but John can chime in w/the LF lead name and perhaps other folks.


My two cents.





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Subject: [csit-dev] Proposed presentation template for




I realised that every time I looked at an presentation my eyes started to bleed. 


Given the summit is just a few days away, I know this maybe a little short notice, but I started on my preso last week and found I was going through a box of Kleenex and a pint of blood per slide (see "eyes bleed").


I put together a preliminary template I'd like to propose for comment, Kleenex preservation and general ocular safety.


I think it has sufficient layouts (as in not many) for nearly all presentation use cases.


I also selected the font sizes based on forcing folks to not produce eyecharts/whitepapers in PPT form. ("horse", "water", "too big to drown" etc).



It is in google docs format at the moment, so I can almost guarantee it won't translate to Microsoft PPT well but if folks like it I will:


1. Create a PPT format and link both on the wiki

2. Create some commonly used icons and a color palette I came up with for said icons that works with this theme (as per some web design "Best of " type thing