[it-infrastructure-alerts] CI infrastructure issues for and Zephyr Project

Edward Warnicke

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Date: Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 12:27 PM
Subject: [it-infrastructure-alerts] CI infrastructure issues for and Zephyr Project
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Greetings folks,

As many of you may already be aware, we've been experiencing some issues
with the CI environments for both and Zephyr Project over the
course of the last couple of days.

The problems have been caused by a couple of different issues and our
cloud provider has appears to have resolved all but one of them at this

The issue currently facing both environments is that the default gateway
v-router does not appear to be actually passing traffic the way it's
supposed to be. Because of this Jenkins is unable to presently
communicate with the cloud API for bringing new instances online. It
also means that it can't actually get to Gerrit. As such, presently
Jenkins is not seeing new changes come in.

We do not presently have an ETA on the resolution to this particular
issue. Once the routing issue is cleared the environments should start
operating again.


Andrew J Grimberg
Systems Administrator
Release Engineering Team Lead
The Linux Foundation

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