Proposed presentation template for

Keith Burns <alagalah@...>


I realised that every time I looked at an presentation my eyes started to bleed. 

Given the summit is just a few days away, I know this maybe a little short notice, but I started on my preso last week and found I was going through a box of Kleenex and a pint of blood per slide (see "eyes bleed").

I put together a preliminary template I'd like to propose for comment, Kleenex preservation and general ocular safety.

I think it has sufficient layouts (as in not many) for nearly all presentation use cases.

I also selected the font sizes based on forcing folks to not produce eyecharts/whitepapers in PPT form. ("horse", "water", "too big to drown" etc).

It is in google docs format at the moment, so I can almost guarantee it won't translate to Microsoft PPT well but if folks like it I will:

1. Create a PPT format and link both on the wiki
2. Create some commonly used icons and a color palette I came up with for said icons that works with this theme (as per some web design "Best of " type thing