VPP 19.08 artifacts deferral notice and 19.08.1 schedule

Dave Wallace

Dear FD.io Project Members,

[ Note: FD.io <project>-dev email lists BCC'd to reduce noise ]

As discussed in this week's VPP Bi-Weekly Community Meeting, there
is the necessity to introduce a critical fix that breaks VPP API
compatibility. Therefore we need to defer ALL 19.08 release artifacts
and publish 19.08.1 as soon as practicable.

We apologize in advance for this inconvenience. The details are
in the VPP 19.08.1 release note change set [0].

We plan to merge the API-breaking fix into stable/1908 on Monday
9 September 2019 at 9am CET, and would like to cut the VPP 19.08.1
release on Thursday 12 September. The timing is rather tight to
avoid accumulating too many additional commits to stable/1908 and
to minimize the changes between 19.08 and 19.08.1.

Please review the release note change set [0] and add yourself as
a reviewer to be informed of any changes to the plan.

PTLs, please indicate that your project is okay with these dates or
add your desired dates on-gerrit and save the changes to [0].

We would also kindly ask that even if you are okay with these dates,
that you add 1 or 2 persons from your project as reviewers to [0],
to be able to efficiently communicate any changes to the plan to all
interested project teams.

Andrew & Dave
"Your Friendly VPP Release Managers"

[0] https://gerrit.fd.io/r/#/c/vpp/+/21829/