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Phil Robb <probb@...>

Hello TSC:

This past Wednesday, the LFN Governing Board (GB) approved the creation of the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) as described in Exhibit C (attached) with the additional amendment that the MAC Chair also be invited to participate in the committee.  In the SPC slide deck, it states that "the TAC Representative of each TAC project will be a member of the SPC".  That is not quite correct.  The workgroup that built the SPC proposal wanted to allow the TSC of each TAC project to choose their SPC representative however they wanted.  You can choose your TAC representative to also serve on the SPC but you do not have to.  It  can be two different people.  The SPC workload will be larger than that of the TAC rep.  In particular, the SPC representative should expect the following.

There is much work to do between now and the budget planning needed for 2020, and as such, additional meetings will be likely.  I suggest whomever participates in the SPC should plan on spending a minimum of 2 hours per week on SPC meetings and activities between now and the face to face GB meeting on September 26th.  The workload should go down a bit after this initial spin-up phase.

Please provide your SPC representative by June 3rd.  All participants should plan on the first meeting of the SPC to occur some time the week of June 17th.  The specific date/time will be selected through a doodle poll of the participants.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


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