Now Open: LFN Unconference Track at ONS Europe

Brandon Wick <bwick@...>

LFN Technical Communities, 

For those planning to attend ONS Europe, we wanted to let you you that once again LF Networking will be hosting an LFN Unconference Track throughout the event. This is a meeting space for projects in the LF Networking initiative for project work, topic discussions, and small-team breakouts.

We call this an “unconference” because it’s less about pre-arranged formal presentations, and instead allows for discussions to “spring up” before the event or at the event itself. Unconference sessions should be focused on interaction and collaboration between attendees. 

If you work in any of the LF Networking project communities, we welcome you to add your topics/ideas to the unconference wiki and use this meeting space for teamwork throughout the event.

Please add your initial unconference meeting ideas by Friday. August 16th. A schedule will be published the following week with some slots held for on-site programming. Learn more on the ONS website here and add your topics to the LFN Unconference wiki page here

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Brandon Wick
Senior Integrated Marketing Manager
The Linux Foundation

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