Voting on the Scapy licensing resolutions

Ray Kinsella

Hi folks,


So we need to take a vote on the proposed Scapy licensing resolutions at today TSC.


That is we …


1. We approve of the mitigations listed in last Thursday’s presentation.


  1. Explicit licensing of affected code as GPLv2 (CSIT, VPP & TRex)
  2. Moving affected code to a GPL labelled directory (CSIT).
  3. Preservation of project apache licensing through process separation (CSIT, VPP & TRex).


2. We approve these exceptions to the Project Apache2 Licensing for CSIT, VPP & TRex.


Proposed vote text:


Based on the mitigation described. The TSC approves exceptions to the Project Apache2 licensing permitting the use of Scapy by CSIT, VPP & TRex.


Any comments on the above are welcome.




Ray Kinsella Project TSC Member

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