Re: Maintenance: Tuesday April 28, 2020 1800 UTC to 2200 UTC

Vanessa Valderrama

Jenkins has been placed into shutdown mode in preparation for maintenance. Please contact me via Slack or IRC if jobs cannot be terminated at 1800 UTC.

Thank you,

On 4/16/20 4:12 PM, Vanessa Valderrama wrote:

When:  Tuesday April 28, 2020 1800 UTC to 2200 UTC

What: Linux foundation upgrades, OS updates, and security patches
  • Jenkins
    • Upgrade to 2.222.x
    • OS and security updates
    • Plugin updates
  • Nexus
    • Upgrade to 2.14.17-01
    • OS and security updates
  • Jira
    • Upgrade to 8.6.1
    • OS and security updates
  • Gerrit
    • Upgrade to 3.1.x
    • OS and security updates
  • OpenGrok
    • OS and security updates

Gerrit will be unavailable for all or part of the window as we do the following:
  • Convert the existing database to NoteDB
  • Upgrade Gerrit to 3.1.x
  • Rebuild indexes
The standard upgrades and maintenance will require a reboot of each system. Jenkins will be placed in shutdown mode at 1700 UTC. Running jobs will be aborted at 1800 UTC, please let us know if that will cause a problem for your project.

The following systems will be unavailable during the maintenance window:
  •     Jenkins sandbox
  •     Jenkins production
  •     Nexus
  •     Jira
  •     Gerrit
  •     OpenGrok

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