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St Leger, Jim <>


Wow...I'm starting to wonder what the community would do without you, but grateful to hear you'll remain active.

You have been "the" foundation of wrt VPP since the inception (and of course for many more years when VPP was solely software within Cisco.)

Your leadership and contributions have been invaluable. We are all tremendously indebted and grateful for all that you've done. And we will continue to be appreciative for all you will continue to do.

All the very best,

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I'm departing the employment rolls towards the end of next month. Although I intend to remain active in the vpp community as a coder, committer, and resident greybeard, it's time for the community to pick a new PTL.

According to the project governance document, Project Technical Leader Candidates Candidates for the project's PTL will be derived from the Committers of the Project. Candidates must self-nominate.

I'd like to invite any interested vpp project committer to self-nominate for the PTL role. Please email vpp-dev@....

Let's close the self-nomination period in one week: more specifically, by 5pm EDT on Thursday, September 24, 2020; committer vote to follow thereafter.

I'll be glad to answer unicast questions about the PTL role from eligible committers.

Thanks... Dave

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