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I'll let Maciek clarify that, but I think we're no longer running them. I'm okay with removing them, if they're disabled.


´╗┐On 10/5/20, 12:36 PM, "Kinsella, Ray" <mdr@...> wrote:

So we aren't even running them at the moment then?
I presume if we aren't running them, we can safely remove them to solve our GPL issue?

Would you object?

Ray K

On 05/10/2020 20:34, Florin Coras (fcoras) wrote:
> Hi Ray,
> Would love to try to restart running those test cases, if we have enough resources.
> Hard to say if they'll work out of the box.
> Regards,
> Florin
> On 10/5/20, 12:32 PM, "Kinsella, Ray" <mdr@...> wrote:
> Folks,
> I had a look at the ENEA and HCL contributions contributions to CSIT.
> You can find them here:
> * Lucian Banu (ENEA):
> Lucian's contribution is about 10-20 LoC, probably about 1hr or 2hr to rework by a volunteer.
> Any volunteers ... ?
> * Nidhy (HCL):
> Nidhy's contribution is substantial, adding the following test case.
> LISP_IP4o4
> CC'ing Florin (LISP maintainer) to understand, what is the impact if we need to excise these Test Cases without rework.
> Thanks,
> Ray K

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