Published: CSIT-2009 Release Report

Maciek Konstantynowicz (mkonstan)

Hi All, CSIT-2009 report is available on docs site:

Great thanks to all contributors in CSIT and VPP communities!

Below summary and pointers to specific sections in the report.
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CSIT-2009 Release Summary


- A new category of tests using TRex ASTF stateful APIs and traffic
profiles with up to 16M UDP and TCP/IP sessions. Initial stateful
tests include VPP NAT44 Endpoint Dependent (NAT44ed)
connections-per-second and packets-per-second throughput (with
controlled packet size). (Note: report test runs are still to be
executed in their fullness, expect them to appear in maintenance
report versions next week and week after next. Maintenance reports are
published on a weekly basis if there are changes.)

- Refactored existing NAT44 Deterministic (NAT44det) throughput tests
and added higher session scale, up to 16M UDP sessions. Continue to
use TRex STL stateless APIs and traffic profiles.

- Added NAT44ed uni-directional UDP throughput tests using TRex STL
stateless APIs and traffic profiles, as a way to verify stateful tests

- IPsec async mode VPP performance tests, with HW crypto only for now,
meaning Xeon Haswell testbeds only.

- Full suite of tests now running on Mellanox ConnectX5-2p100GE NICs in
2n-clx (Intel Xeon Cascadelake) testbeds using VPP native rdma driver.
For the first time one case see linear multi-core speedup into 72 Mpps
region (L2 on 2 cores, IPv4 on 4 cores), in some cases NIC is the
limit again (like it was to date in CSIT labs with FVL 2p25GE NICs).


- AMD 2n-zn2 testbed onboarded with EPYC 7532 32-Core Processor. Full
set of CSIT-2009 results to be included in one of the upcoming
maintenance reports, following completion of calibrating dry runs that
are currently ongoing.

- Optimization and calibration of TRex STL and ASTF multi-core
configurations, a small impact on test results as captured in current
vs. previous release performance comparisons.

Pointers to CSIT-2009 Report sections

1. CSIT test methodology [1]
2. VPP release notes [2]
3. VPP 64B/IMIX throughput graphs [3]
4. VPP throughput speedup multi-core [4]
5. VPP latency under load [5]
6. VPP comparisons v20.09 vs. v20.05 [6]
7. VPP performance all pkt sizes & NICs [7]
8. DPDK 20.08 apps release notes [8]
9. DPDK 64B throughput graphs [9]
10. DPDK latency under load [10]
11. DPDK comparisons 20.08 vs. 20.02 [11]

Functional device tests (VPP_Device) are also included in the report.


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