CSIT recommendations for TRex servers

Maciek Konstantynowicz (mkonstan)

Hi All,

Bit overdue, but here is the link [1] to server specifications recommended for TRex servers (TRex = Traffic Generator), to enable CSIT to continue executing FD.io network data-plane performance tests. The project arrived to this recommendation by consensus [2].

Link to wiki: https://wiki.fd.io/view/CSIT/csit_tg_servers

Any questions, pls direct them to csit-dev mailer, or to csit-dev / tsc calls.


[1] https://wiki.fd.io/view/CSIT/csit_tg_servers
[2] https://ircbot.wl.linuxfoundation.org/meetings/fdio-csit/2021/fd_io_csit_project/fdio-csit-fd_io_csit_project.2021-03-31-14.00.html

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