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I just went through this process. Probably helpful for others: 

The webchat client is available at On the site, click on the "connect" in the top corner of the page, to get to the webchat and other connection instructions.  (this is the guide for nickname registration.) You don't have to register a nickname. These commands let you associate it with an email. 


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I went to look at  (I don't care what we use.)  I have no idea what I need to do to set up so I can use the chat through my browser.   There is no obvious way for me to create an ID on  (I am known for overlooking the obvious, so it may be there staring me in the face.  But I couldn't see it.)


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There has been some changes at Freenode resulting in Freenode staff stepping down. Former Freenode staff and volunteers describe the changes as a "hostile takeover" and have created Libera.Chat as a replace of Freenode.

From what I understand all Freenode users have to re-register and a few days ago Freenode blocked all IRCCloud users.

LF has moved to Libera.Chat ( and has registered namespaces for FDio. We suggest TSC members get registered and reserve their nicks on Libera.

As for the TSC meeting tomorrow, I'll let Ed reply to let us know if we'll be using Freenode or Libera.

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