Re: Request for comments: LFN Lab Funding Agreement

Maciek Konstantynowicz (mkonstan)

Hi All, A quick reminder to send your comments about this per note below. (Attached again to this email.) TSC is now aiming to have a final review and approval in the next meeting on Thursday 16-Sep this week.


On 13 Aug 2021, at 15:02, mkonstan <mkonstan@...> wrote:


Following on requests from the community, few of us (on cc:) have been working on putting together a set of rules that should govern the funding and donations of hardware equipment and software into labs hosted by LFN. Once reviewed by community and approved by TSC, it will be used for shaping lab changes and extensions, as well as the LFN lab budget, from next calendar year onwards.

Attached is the text we have arrived to:

Appreciate your review and comments by reply-all or just to tsc@....

We are aiming to have a final review and approval by TSC in the meeting on Thursday 02-Sep, in 3 weeks time.



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