Re: Dave Wallace to be my proxy at TSC Meeting

Joel Halpern

It seems to me that we should define it in either CET or US Pacific and be done with it. We have done it in US Pacific. If folks want to change it to CET, so be it. Changing it to a time in UTC would mean that it would be at different times in two halves the year for everyone. Why would that be good? (Offset is as far as I can tell irrelevant if you define it as starting at a specific time UTC. Unless you declare the offset to vary by time of year. At which point it is easier to use some other time zone.)


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LOL... I'm OK with us making a choice of timezone to offset into. It just gets my hackles up when folks somehow pretend UTC+offsets are some universal answer to the problem: they aren't.

UTC+offsets is *not* a timezone... ISO 8601 is for identifying *points* in time, not timezones. If we want to set our meetings in the UTC timezone, that's fine, but pretending it's anything but a choice of timezones and is somehow magically universal has been a point of ongoing annoyance for me :)

All of that said, given that the weight of the TSC is in EU, I'm fine picking an EU oriented timezone to anchor the meeting in, like CEST... or even UTC :)
I think it is a misunderstanding that you need a time zone.
You need a fixed reference point in time for when the meeting should happen.
E.g. 1500UTC.

Then it's up to local participants to figure out what they have their watches set to in relation to this.


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