Re: Dave Wallace to be my proxy at TSC Meeting

Ole Troan

It seems to me that we should define it in either CET or US Pacific and be done with it. We have done it in US Pacific. If folks want to change it to CET, so be it. Changing it to a time in UTC would mean that it would be at different times in two halves the year for everyone. Why would that be good? (Offset is as far as I can tell irrelevant if you define it as starting at a specific time UTC. Unless you declare the offset to vary by time of year. At which point it is easier to use some other time zone.)
The point of defining the meeting at a fixed time is to avoid the summer time issues. Largely caused by the US and Europe swapping at different times mind you. Look at this as a preemptive strike since summer time is likely to be deprecated anyway.


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