FDIO Maintenance - 2022-06-09 15:30 UTC to 1930 UTC

Vanessa Valderrama

This maintenance is pending TSC approval tomorrow.


  • Jenkins production
    • OS and security updates
    • Jenkins upgrade
    • Plugin upgrades
    • JDK upgrade
    • Jenkins performance tuning
  • Gerrit
    • OS and security updates
    • Gerrit upgrade
    • JDK upgrade
When:  2022-06-09 15:30 UTC to 1930 UTC


We normally do not perform maintenance during a release cycle but we're seeing intermittent timeouts on VPP/CSIT jobs. I discussed this with Dave and we agreed we'd like to try resolve these issues before the start of RC2.


Jenkins will be placed in shutdown mode at 1430 UTC. All running jobs will be terminated at 15:30 UTC.

The following services will be unavailable during the maintenance window:
  • Jenkins sandbox and production
  • Gerrit

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