Re: GoVPP committer promotion - Nathan Skrzypczak

Dave Wallace


Congratulations!  The TSC has approved your nomination as a GoVPP Committer [0].

Please follow the LF Committer Self-Help management documentation [1] to submit a gerrit change with the requisite information added to the INFO.yaml file.  Once an existing GoVPP committer merges it, you will have the ability to merge changes.



On 6/16/22 9:51 AM, Vladimir Lavor via wrote:

Hello TSC,


I want to inform you (also on behalf of Ondrej Fabry) that voting for Nathan’s nomination was closed.

Thanks for all your votes.


Here are links to the voting threads:


I also repeat my +1 here because it was lost somewhere in the voting thread.





From: Vladimir Lavor -X (vlavor - PANTHEON TECH SRO at Cisco)
Sent: piatok 3. júna 2022 9:04
To: govpp-dev@...
Cc: tsc@...
Subject: GoVPP committer promotion - Nathan Skrzypczak


Hi GoVPP committers,


I would like to nominate Nathan Skrzypczak as a new committer for the GoVPP project.


Nathan has been contributing to GoVPP since 2020 and already has several contributions:;a=search;s=Nathan+Skrzypczak;st=author


Let's close the nomination period by Wednesday 15th June 20:00 UTC.


Please vote in this e-mail thread.



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